How can you improve your cyber privacy?

Digital annoyances continue to grow with time and pollute our safety online. We can no longer do without digital services and even our business relies on digital. It is therefore urgent to take control of our data and repel cyber-criminal attacks. Here are a few tips to follow to improve your cyber privacy.

Business' cyber privacy

For our companies' cybersecurity, we should find more adapted and larger methods. Prevention and protection from DDoS, the most perpetrated cyber criminal attacks from now on, is more than important for SMBs and bigger businesses. You can find out more about DDoS attacks, how they are performed and how to prevent them at Koddos DDoS protection.

You must also keep all your technology and security systems up-to-date, and regularly backup all your data on a secured cloud or a different storage.

Individual cyber privacy

First, avoid public Wi-Fi networks as much as possible. One can easily observe your traffic and note sensitive datas on public hotspot. If you really have to, try to use a secure VPN connection.

Second, always secure your phone and computer with strong passwords and disable lock screen notifications.

Third, some applications and extensions snoop on you through their access to your files, microphone, camera, etc, gather information on you and use them for marketing or blackmail. For that reason, you should control the permissions that you give to apps and extensions, and only install the useful ones.

Apart from that, you should use only messaging apps that have end-to-end encryption. If not, enable secret chat so that even the messaging server has no means to see your conversations.

Another step is to use private browsing in antivirus tools to protect your webtracking, and control your privacy settings on social media.

However these steps are more related to individuals than to the company itself, the employees should adopt the basics in cybersecurity in order to improve the DDoS protection.

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