What makes pornographic sites so popular ?

Because it is so easy to access the Internet, many people now watch porn. Although many women browse porn sites, they do so for different reasons than men, despite the stereotype that only men use pornography. Visits to pornographic websites or social media platforms can be influenced by a number of variables, including personality, attachment, sexual history, and education.

Pornography in today's society

In today's world, pornography is ubiquitous, with everyone having access to pornographic material at the touch of a button, free of charge, in the privacy of their own home and without identification. Pornography generally seeks to arouse sexual desire, presenting a good deal of explicit content. Men mainly create pornographic media aimed at a certain audience. 

They usually feature subordinate women who must satisfy the sexual desires of powerful men. In these films, males can engage in uninterrupted sexual activity for hours on end. They often have a considerably larger than normal manhood and constantly have a firm erection. 

Women usually have an intense sex drive and ask their plastic surgeon to create the physique of their dreams, given the images of perfect bodies in this type of content. Actresses often reach orgasm during each sexual session, and this with a disconcerting ease. They never feel pain and willingly accept all the treatments they receive. This is the opposite of reality!

Misconceptions about pornography

Pornography emphasizes the performers' performance, intensity, limitless thrill-seeking, and the race to orgasm, even though it is usually devoid of compassion, tenderness, sensuality, and knowing glances. These adult films allow for all types of fantasies (threesomes, group sex, domination/submission, sex in public places, etc.), and they are far from giving a healthy image of male/female relationships (in the case of a heterosexual relationship). 

Pornography can sometimes be used to heighten sexual desire, increase arousal, stimulate the imagination, and reveal sexual fantasies. It can sometimes be used to demonstrate how to perform certain sexual acts, such as oral sex and the use of various sexual positions.