Top Sci-fi/Fantasy Movies Coming Out In 2021

Lovers of science fiction movies are in for a real treat in the coming year. Several new blockbuster projects are scheduled for release in the next twelve months, and it’s safe to say that they’re enough to set the pulse racing in anticipation.

Here are three of the most highly anticipated movies due to be released next year:

Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooth is a post-apocalyptic story that tells the tale of Gus, a half-human/half-deer hybrid who travels the new world with other humans and animal-children hybrids like himself in search of answers to the mystery behind his hybrid origins.

The movie is produced by Netflix and based on a graphic novel series which has been aptly described as a combination of Mad Max and Bambi. Netflix describes it as “a family-friendly storybook adventure” but it remains to be seen what tone this project will take.

The Lord of the Rings

Without a doubt, the release of this series promises to be one of the biggest events in the coming year, and we’ve already marked the date on our calendar. The reason for our excitement is the fact that Amazon parted with a whooping $250 million just to acquire the rights to Tolkien’s iconic creation. Five seasons are planned, with production costs of north of $100 million per season. 

The series is set thousands of years before the events of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, although we are not sure as yet what the storyline will be.

The Matrix 4

As we’ve seen in several instances, it’s perhaps best to leave old franchises in peace rather than risk ruining their reputations with remakes, particularly as the last two versions of this movie failed to live up to the first. Nevertheless, the star attractions of Lana Wachowski and Keanu Reeves should be enough to make it work.

This movie is not a remake but a continuation of the story from the first three movies.