The most prestigious fashion magazines in Africa

Fashion magazines represent a set of titles of the press or a periodical radio or television program dedicated to fashion. Indeed, with the digital revolution, several fashion magazines have emerged around the world. Here is the list of the most read fashion magazines in Africa. Let's discover them.

Nataal Magazine

Nataal is one of the most remarkable fashion magazines in Africa. Founded by Senegalese Alassane Sy and Swedish Sara Hemmings, both film directors and actors. They are also experts in the field of fashion and culture. Nataal was the first to be born on the continent. For more information, click here

This prestigious magazine was founded with the aim of promoting African music, fashion, cinema and art. Since its inception it has been doing wonders in Africa and around the world. Thanks to its contribution to the development of fashion, it is brilliantly elected "non-fiction magazine" of the world. It is also a network that promotes exchanges between artists, designers, directors, etc. It allows specialists from various backgrounds to conduct debates on various topics related to the art world.

Fashion Week Magazine

Founded in Nigeria, fashion week magazine is one of the most admired on the continent. This magazine is known beyond the borders of Africa and enjoys an international reputation. The fashion week or fashion week intervenes in several artistic fields. It is created for the valorization of African fashion. It is also a crucible of exchange between fashion designers and their targets.

In addition, the African fashion week is also dedicated to the promotion of fashion companies, art, fashion show competitions, etc. Today, the fashion week is present throughout Africa. It is found in Ghana (Accra Fashion week), Senegal (Dakar Fashion week), South Africa, etc.. However, it should be noted that the most prestigious fashion week magazine is that of Lagos.