How to choose the right charger for your laptop?

Your computer charger is defective, and you are looking for a replacement. Problem is, you don't know where to look and who to turn to. No worries. There are a few criteria and parameters to consider in order to make the right choice. 

Which connector to choose? 

With the advent of new technologies, most laptops have their own type of connector. Just like the choice of adapter for acer laptop for example, the Acer laptop user will also have to consider the brand of their computer when choosing the type of connector for their charger. 

So, of course, there are universal chargers available today that have several types of connectors. But it is not fully guaranteed that you will get the type of connector you need. The trick to making sure you get the right type of connector is to copy the model number of your laptop. Then, using the model number, search the internet for the right connector. 

Which voltage should I choose? 

We are talking about voltage. Laptop chargers nowadays take two types of voltage, namely input and output voltage. So, uniformly, all laptop chargers adhere to and can operate with a minimum input voltage of 100 volts and a maximum of 240 volts. 

The output voltage is the most important one, which is what the charger transmits to the computer. Each computer is designed to receive a certain voltage value, so you must ensure that your charger sends the correct voltage to avoid damaging your computer. 

The maximum current rating of your laptop

In addition to the voltage in Volts, there is also the current, which is expressed in Amperes. Just like the voltage, it is imperative that the current supplied by the charger is proportional, if not exact, to the computer's rating. Too high or too low a voltage can lead to disaster. So beware.