All about the circus maximus in Rome

You hear about the arena of Rome called circus maximus even your friends talk about it, but you don't have enough information about this historical place. Don't worry, you've come to the right place. In this article, we explain everything to you.

The circus maximus of Rome: Why is it so famous?

The circus maximus is located in Italy, more precisely in the heart of the holy city of Rome, this famous site was built in the first half of BC during the reign of King Tarquin the Elder. Located between the Palatine and Aventine mountains, this hippodrome is special because of its ability to accommodate an incredible number of spectators in order to offer them a VR experience. It can hold about 300,000 people and is 600 meters long and 200 meters wide. Indeed, it is built according to the ancient model of the Roman circus. In short, its architecture is really extraordinary with central stops, side bollards and obelisks. The seats reserved for the great personalities are made of stone. Given all these characteristics, it was a must-see tourist site. But today, it is losing this title.

What is left of circus maximus today and what is its purpose?

We won't try to hide it from you, this arena is completely empty now. As we said before, it has often been destroyed and looted of its stones. However, it is possible to make out the boundaries of the place while imagining the size of the arena. But it is not only a vast expanse of plants. There are still some remnants of bleachers in the southeast. Perhaps, you ask yourself, if there is not much left of this arena, what is it used for today? It is a good question, it should be noted that the circus is far from being abandoned, it is now used to host important events such as concerts, gatherings and outdoor film screenings. This is what makes it so special. Although there is not much left of this arena, we recommend you to visit it during your next trip to Rome.