5 places to visit in Greece

Travel is all about adventure and discovery. A trip to Greece is a great idea. It is an opportunity for you to visit the fantastic places of this country that has seen the birth of great minds. Want to take a trip to Greece? Discover 5 places that will immortalize your stay.


For a successful trip to Greece, Olympia is a place you will regret to forget. Indeed, this historical area is full of the most magnificent ancient sites of Greece. It was the place where the high priests met and is named after Mount Olympus which was the home of the deities.  It is also the city where the Olympic Games were born. The history is all the richer that a visit on https://www.quotes-and-facts.com/ will surely please you.


Mycenae remains one of the most visited sites in Greece. This magnificent hilltop city was founded by King Perseus, before being taken over by the Atreides dynasty. According to the stories of Homer, it was considered the city of gold.  Visiting Mycenae, you will have the chance to appreciate the treasure of Atreus, the highlights of the Acropolis, the Lioness Gate, etc.


Located a few kilometers from Athens, the city of Delphi represents one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. According to Greek mythology, this city is considered the navel of the universe. Delphi preserves the most prestigious vestiges of Greece including the sanctuary of Apollo.

The Cyclades

If you dream of visiting islands during your stay, the Cyclades archipelago is the best in Greece and even in the world. Composed of 200 islands, the Cyclades are the dream of tourists and lovers. Every year, they welcome thousands of travelers who come to visit exceptional beaches and natural sites.

The Asclepion of Epidaurus

Traveling to Greece is an opportunity to visit the temple of Asclepius, the god of medicine. In ancient Greece, the city of Epidaurus in the Peloponnese was known for its heritage in medicine. It was the place where all the sick went to find a cure for their ailments. Today, the sanctuary of Asclepius is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.