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The Flashman series of books is written by George Macdonald Fraser, and details the life of fictional Victorian soldier, Sir Harry Flashman.

Flashman first appeared as the bully in Tom Brown's Schooldays, and over the course of these books, Flashman recounts tales of his service at numerous major military disasters, from the Charge of the Light Brigade to Rorke's Drift. Flashman is a coward, a scoundrel and a self-confessed poltroon, and yet somehow manages to get promoted through the ranks of the British army to brigadier-general over the course of the books.

Each book has been meticulously researched by Macdonald Fraser, and includes a series of footnotes to accompany the story, providing corroborating details on Flashman's commentary, based on historical accounts.

The series is very well written, and forms a lively account of the major events of the Victorian era from the unique perspective of Sir Harry Flashman.

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Flashman (Book 1)

1. Flashman

Flashman's Early life, Afghan uprising 1839-1842.

Shameless, exciting and funny, Flashman's deplorable odyssey is observed with the cynical eye of a scoundrel who was honest only in reporting what he saw. He makes all other black sheep look respectively grey. The hero triumphs in this first instalment.


Royal Flash (Book 2)

2. Royal Flash

Lola Montez and Otto von Bismarck 1842-43; Schleswig-Holstein controversy 1847-48.

In this second volume, the arch-cad matches his wits, his talents for deceit and malice, and above all his speed in evasion against the most brilliant European statesman and against the most beautiful and unscrupulous adventuress of the era.


Flash For Freedom! (Book 3)

3. Flash For Freedom!

American slave trade 1848-49.

When Flashman was inveigled into a game of Pontoon with Disraeli and Lord George Bentinck, he was making an unconscious choice about his own future - would it lie in the House of Commons or the West African slave trade?


Flashman At The Charge (Book 4)

4. Flashman At The Charge

Crimean War (Charge of the Light Brigade), 1854; Central Asia, Battle at Fort Raim 1855.

As the British cavalry prepared to launch itself against the Russian guns, Flashman was not so much dismayed as terrified. But the Crimea was only the start: beyond lay the Great Russian slave-empire, torture and death from relentless enemies, headlong escapes, and savage tribal hordes.


Flashman In The Great Game (Book 5)

5. Flashman In The Great Game

Sepoy Indian Mutiny 1856-58.

What caused the Indian Mutiny? The greased cartridge, religious fanaticism, political blundering, yes - but one hitherto unsuspected factor is now revealed in the figure which fled across the Indian scene in 1857 with frantic haste: Flashman.


Flashman's Lady (Book 6)

6. Flashman's Lady

Borneo Piracy, Madagascar 1842-45.

When Flashman accepted an invitation to join in a friendly cricket match, he little knew that he was letting himself in for a desperate game that would see him from the wicket at Lord's to the jungle lairs of Borneo pirates, from a Newgate hanging to the torture pits of Madagascar.


Flashman And The Redskins (Book 7)

7. Flashman And The Redskins

The 1849 Gold Rush 1849-50; Battle of Little Big Horn, 1876.

What was Harry Flashman doing at Little Bighorn, caught between the gallant remnant of Custer's 7th Cavalry and the withering attack of Sitting Bull's Braves? He was trying to get out of the line of fire and escape yet again with his life after setting the American West by its ears.


Flashman And The Dragon (Book 8)

8. Flashman And The Dragon

Taiping Rebellion, 1860.

China, 1860, and Flashman wins the trust of the English vicar's daughter with her cargo of opium, Lord Elgin in search of an intelligence chief, the Emperor's concubine, and the female bandit colossus Szu-Zhan. They take him at face value and he takes them for all he can.


Flashman And The Mountain of Light (Book 9)

9. Flashman And The Mountain of Light

Indian Punjab, Sikh Rebellion 1845-46.

Avoiding the defence of the Indian frontier against the Sikh Khalsa army, Flashman finds himself in the secret service of the Court of the Punjab, where he copes well with the attentions of the beautiful Maharani, but also has to face the torture chamber and the baleful Mountain of Light.


Flashman And The Angel of the Lord (Book 10)

10. Flashman And The Angel of the Lord

John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry 1858-59.

The tenth in the "Flashman Papers" series, this adventure sees Flashman leaving Calcutta in a hurry, and arriving in Virginia - where John Brown and his gang of rugged fanatics were to fire the first shot in the great war against slavery.


Flashman And The Tiger (Book 11)

11. Flashman And The Tiger

Consists of three short stories:

'The Road To Charing Cross' - Congress of Berlin, Treaty of San Stefano, 1878; Bodyguard to the Emperor Franz Joseph, 1884.

'The Subtleties of Baccarat' - Tranby Croft scandal, 1890.

'Flashman And The Tiger' - Zulu Uprising, 1879, and Tiger Jack Moran, 1894.

Flash Harry is back! The title piece touches on two of the most spectacular military actions of the century and sees Flashman pitted against one of the greatest villains of the day, and observing, with his usual jaundiced eye, two of its most famous heroes. As always with George MacDonald Fraser, Flashman's adventures are related with verve, dash and meticulous historical detail.

Mr American - George Macdonald Fraser

Mr American - George Macdonald Fraser

Not actually part of the Flashman series, but features a brief appearance by Flashman, in his nineties.

No one knew who Mark Franklin was when he disembarked at Liverpool in 1909 with a copy of Shakespeare's works, an old Mexican charro saddle and two Remingtons in his battered luggage. He was just another American, tall and softly-spoken. Even General Flashman never guessed the whole truth.


Black Ajax - George Macdonald Fraser

Black Ajax - George Macdonald Fraser

Not actually part of the Flashman series, but features a brief appearance by Flashman's father.

When Mad Buck sees the black boxer catch a fly in mid-flight, he realizes that he is in the presence of speed such as the ring has never seen. He believes that this ex-slave from America is a Champion in the making, on whose broad shoulders the Captain can climb to sporting and social fame.